A lot of the Coachella fun happens outside of the festival gates.

Of course, watching your favorite musician perform is worth the trip, but how does partying with Joe Jonas at his Airbnb mansion sound? Pretty epic, right? Last year, the singer opened doors to a luxurious five bedroom estate, courtesy of Airbnb, inviting his friends for some fun in the sun. Previously owned by singer-actor Bing Crosby, the manor includes a beautiful pool, hot tub, pool table and an array of Hollywood posters—perfect for the star.

Making a weekend jaunt soon? Instead of a hotel or tent, grab a rental (if there are any left) with your friends for a Joe Jonas-inspired party that will last from minute you wake to when you fall asleep. If you aren’t headed to Palm Springs this year, we’ve got everything you need for the ultimate poolside extravaganza below.

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