When you think of “weird” eating habits, you think of pickles and syrup, or oranges in pancakes…not a Mexican food binge (because, seriously, that sounds yummy).

But DNCE thinks that the latter is “weird”, apparently.

The group spoke toPeople about some of the eating habits they’ve picked up from being on tour around the world.

“I will never not try to force everyone to eat Mexican food,” Cole Whittle admitted. “So when we play in Mexico, we take it very seriously, we have about six meals a day.”

Joe Jonas adds, “We were just in Korea and JinJoo was able to show us all this amazing Korean BBQ — we had Korean BBQ for 6 days straight,” he says. “It was an amazing experience.”

Weird? Not so much. Delicious? YES!

DNCE are pictured below out with Nick Jonas at Coachella on Saturday night (April 16).

DNCE had a private album listening party last night at The Fish Bowl in New York!

Attendees got the chance to listen to DNCE’s full length debut album due out November 18th!

Check out some photos from the party below!

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